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The anti-alcoholism drug Alkotox has no side effects and will help cope with alcohol addiction, clean blood, lymph, filter organs and heal the body. You can purchase a course of drops in France at the price of 49€ by filling in the form with required fields (name, phone number) on the manufacturer's official website. There is currently a 50% discount when ordering a complete treatment course.

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Doctor Anesthesiologist Christophe Doctor Christophe
22 years old
I have been practicing abstinence for more than 20 years. Hundreds of patients with diagnoses of varying severity have passed my hand. I always provide medicines that have been tested in practice and have certificates. Alkotox, an alcohol intoxication drops, recently went on sale in France and proved its identity. This drug solves several problems: relieve addiction, remove toxins, restore memory, solve psychological problems, restore immunity, potency and fertility. With Alkotox, you can't go wrong and get lasting results.

Easily quit drinking with innovative Alkotox drops

Alcohol addiction

The harm of alcohol has been widely known. Everyone knows that alcoholic beverages have destructive effects on the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and the entire body. However, various alcoholic beverages do not leave the counters of large supermarkets or specialized stores, but are purchased regularly. About 90% of people in the world drink alcohol on holidays, company parties, banquets and family banquets.

Ethanol has the properties of temporarily dilating blood vessels, relaxing and intoxicating the nervous system, giving people a sense of pleasure, a pleasant feeling of heaviness, decomposition and fun. It has become a factor in the popularity of alcohol.

Few people are prevented from having headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, sore limbs and unwillingness to do necessary things the next morning after drinking. Need to "repeated" liberation, and then temporarily relieved, and then the symptoms of alcoholism reappear. In addition, this process can become routine and unstoppable.

New progress in the treatment of alcoholism-Alkotox drops

Alkotox non-alcoholic healthy living

Currently, there are many drugs, physical therapy, psychotherapy and chemical methods that can eliminate alcohol dependence. However, the problem has not been completely resolved. The flow of people suffering from this disease has not stopped.

People are calling for a new anti-alcoholism drug based on plant extracts to prevent it from entering the abyss of self-destruction-alcoholism Alkotox drug. Taking the treatment drops regularly for a month or longer will help break the precepts of alcohol addiction at any stage of development. France can deliver droplets to your address by mail.

Composition of Alkotox medicinal drops

What is the reason for the victory of alcoholic beverages on the planet? Many experts, toxicologists, anesthesiologists and psychologists are investigating this issue.

This research led to Alkotox drops. The unique composition of the drops was developed using knowledge about the healing properties of more than 20 plants known in folk and classical medicine. The original Alkotox droplet composition ratio formula complements each other and enhances the effect, ensuring a higher effect. The following table lists the most effective ingredients of Alkotox drops and their mechanism of action.

The effective ingredient list of Alkotox drops

The name of the component in the droplet composition Active connection The effect of water droplets on the body
Common Ram Shibai Flavonoids, lutein, β-carotene, vanillin, anthocyanins, alkaloids The complex specific components are incompatible with alcohol in the body, so it can cause aversion and rejection of alcohol
Grey ink mushroom, Coprinus comatus Coprin, amino acids, fiber, B vitamins, minerals P, Fe, Ca, choline, adenine, spermine, tyramine Thanks to the coprin in Alkotox drops, it reduces the craving for alcohol, which causes nausea and vomiting when drinking. The rest of the constituent materials can strengthen blood vessel walls and clean up toxins
Milk thistle, Silybum marianum Flavonoids, lignans, silymarin, vitamin K, amino acids, histamine, trace elements It has cleansing, choleretic and anti-inflammatory effects in drops. Regenerate liver cells, restore liver and kidney function
Common century, Centaur Vitamin C, flavonoids, glycosides, sterols, essential oils Bile, anti-inflammatory, healing, appetite stimulant
Thyme, Thyme Flavonoids, essential oils, organic acids, thymol Diuretic, choleretic, sweating, expectorant, pain relief, healing, sedation
Pueraria lobata root extract, Pueraria lobata root, Pueraria lobata root. Ye Isoflavones, γ-aminobutyric acid, glutamine, vitamins, macro and trace elements, alkaloids, starch Relieve muscle cramps, fever, nerve disease, improve sleep, normalize digestion, clear blood and lymphatic toxins, and restore vitality. It is used to treat depression, prostatitis, and lower blood sugar levels. As part of the drops, it can alleviate addiction to tobacco and alcohol
St. John's wort Hypericum perforatum Flavonoids, polyphenols, quercetin, rutin, vitamin A, C, PP, essential oils Diuretic, choleretic, healing, antiseptic effect. Normalize carbohydrate metabolism, regulate the function of kidney, liver, heart, gastrointestinal tract.
Peppermint, peppermint (Mentha piperita) Essential oils, vitamins A, B9, C, rutin, fatty acids, trace elements and macro elements has sedative, analgesic, choleretic and antiseptic effects. Relieve cramps, improve appetite and sleep.
α-lipoic acid - Promote the penetration and enhancement of nutrients and vitamins. It is used to treat depression, neurasthenia, prostatitis, and inflammation. Reduce sugar and cholesterol levels, prevent free radicals, and remove toxins. It restores the nervous system to normal and calm, improves memory, digestion and sleep.

The ingredients of Alkotox drops, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, complement each other and affect the harmony of all parts of the body. Some ingredients in the drops are designed to cause an aversion to alcohol (lamb, black mushroom, kudzu), and its ingredients can be passed through the cleansing and soothing group (licorice, milk thistle, rose hip, St. John's wort, mint, etc. )The ingredients soften. Lipoic acid binds and enhances the effects of ingredients, promotes the penetration of ingredients into cells and tissues, and eliminates toxins.

Benefits of drops

Easily treat alcoholism with Alkotox

You can order French Alkotox anti-drinking drops on the official website at a low price of 49€ throughout the process.

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