Reviews about Alkotox

  • Pierre
    I don't want to be treated. But my relative insisted that I want to start dropping Alkotox. I have blood pressure, varicose veins, and shortness of breath. I like to have a drink, it's easier. Then my head and knee were injured. The medicine began to drip. A week later, the situation improved. When my godfather has a name anniversary, I don't want to drink. Then my wife confessed to me that the drip was caused by drunkenness.
  • Monique
    My sister brought me smoking cessation pills to help me quit drinking. I didn't believe it very much, but I started dripping water 3 times as instructed, 10 drops each time. At first, he didn't notice anything, but a week later, he noticed that he was looking back from vodka. I gained more strength, felt good, and even participated in sports.
  • Daniel
    My husband is an alcoholic. I tried many remedies, but to no avail. He drinks, gets angry, and sells things. I learned about poison from my drunkenness. According to the instructions, start dripping the candied fruit. Two weeks later, I found out that there was a bottle of vodka in the closet, half empty. This hasn't happened for a long time, all I know is that the bottle is going to be thrown away! Leave work! I ordered another dish.
  • Patrick
    My cohabiting wife fell into depression after being fired from work. Worried, frightened. Then she went violent. He likes martinis very much and has been buying them all the time. A pharmacist I know once recommended Alkotox. I unknowingly started adding some drops to her cup. Soon, she became more cheerful, began to sleep better, and no longer liked martinis. I will also buy these drops.
  • Martine
    My son and I are in trouble, drunk man. My daughter and I have been walking around endlessly. The doctor recommended that Alkotox drops be dripped into the cup three times a day without knowing it. I have added it for a month and my son is recovering. He became affectionate and often apologized. Recently he brought a girl to meet, very good!
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